Creative by Design

Creative by Design is a learning program that enables participants to create better coursework.  Most learning that we design and develop does not yield any type of tangible change in our learners.  We need to fix that or our industry will die.  No longer can organizations afford to create learning that has no impact on the success of their organizations.  Presenting information is not enough.... we need to expect more from our learners and give them learning experiences that drive business outcomes.

In this program, you will:

Participate in a Design Workshop where you will create a Design Document (blueprint) for your own learning program from a case study you bring to the program or a case study provided during the workshop. 

To accomplish this, you will: 

• Explore the needs, wants, and desires of learners that motivate them to engage with content

• Define objectives for a course that dictate the type of learning activities that fulfill the desired competency

• Define assessments that measure the competency defined in the objectives

• Define evaluation criteria for learning program effectiveness

• Define a course delivery method that best matches the defined objectives and competencies

• Create a course map that effectively delivers information and activities that drive competency

• Create a design document

• Review a storyboard template that can be customized

• Review a participant guide template that can be customized

• Review an instructor guide template that can be customized

• Review a PowerPoint presentation that can be customized

• Review a workbook that can be customized

• Review a job aid that can be customized



Determine the project you would like to work on during the course and set goals for the upcoming workshop. (One hour virtual session) 

Review a short 15-minute online learning module and evaluate its effectiveness, based on a checklist of criteria that outline effective learning.

Week 1: (two-hour virtual workshop) 

  • Using Design Workshops to Understand and Motivate Learners
  • Define a Problem Statement

Week 2 (two- hour virtual workshop)

  • Conduct a Job Task Analysis
  • Conduct an Audience Analysis

Week 3 (two-hour virtual workshop)

  • Define action driven objectives
  • Start the learning experiences off on the right foot

In-Person Workshop (or can be done virtually in 2 two hours workshops)

  • Create an Action Map
  • Understand the Rules of Engagement
  • View examples of engaging learning
  • Evaluating learning programs
  • Tools and Templates
  • Development Costs


Post Workshop (two one-hour individual coaching sessions)

  • Discuss how to implement the Design Document and your goals back at your workplace.